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Ella Za Beth

In approximately 2006, my good friend and I decided we were tired of the usual 'ladies classes' such as cooking, that we took from Moorhead Community Education and went on to challenge each other to expand our horizons. We chose 'Belly Dancing', more on a dare than anything else. My friend bought us each new coin hip scarves and off we went to jingle our hips off.
My friend lasted for one class.
I, on the other hand, being frugal, continued on. I was going to get my money's worth, even if I was not good. While I finished out the 8 week classes I had committed to, I kept remembering how as a child, I wanted to take ballet lessons. My mother, in her wisdom (?) told me I was too clumsy and would not do well. I pacified myself by prancing around the kitchen in my socks, bumping into chairs and falling on the floor. Perhaps my mother was right. Even so, at least now I was dancing, and making acceptable noise, 'jingling' while doing so.

At the end of the 8 weeks, the instructor told the class that she was opening a studio which enthusiasts like myself, could come and continue dancing. I started attending at Oasis and have been doing so ever since. I am one of the Original Golden Dancers. The Golden Dancers all have over 50 years of wisdom each.

I prefer now to say that I am a Mid-Eastern dancer. That term demands more respect and raises the dance form to the level it deserves. Since I have started this dance, I have achieved a new respect for not only my body, but for my womanhood. The dance is not as easy as some may perceive it to be, and expressing oneself through this form of art is to be admired. I am far from being a 'great' dancer, but I am comfortable with myself while performing it. My short term goal is to become even more at ease with myself as I dance, and express my emotions more through dance. When I am able to do so, I hope to someday do a solo for the troupe which will show my love for each of them.